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What is Capchella WebAR?

The COVID-19 pandemic has cemented e-commerce’s importance in people’s lives.

In 2019, before the historic pandemic hit, global e-commerce sales reached $3.5 trillion and represented 14.1% of all retail sales. In 2020, e-commerce sales worldwide went up to $3.9 trillion and represented 21% of all retail sales.

These figures show that the pandemic accelerated the adoption of e-commerce. And despite a better outlook for the economy going forward, plenty of business owners who have previously been strictly brick-and-mortar have seen the benefits of e-commerce.

WebAR allows your customers to engage with your products in much better ways than simply staring at a picture of them on screen. A 3D product representation, for example, can be rotated 360° and viewed from all angles. Augmented reality, meanwhile, allows customers to envision how your products would look in their own spaces.

With WebAR, you can reap the benefits of increased customer satisfaction. But even better, you can become your industry’s pioneer in using this technology for your e-commerce website, making your business future-proof

WebAR: The Future of E-Commerce Marketing

WebAR or web-based augmented reality is a digital technology that lets you share AR experiences straight from web browsers. For e-commerce retailers, having this technology means easily bringing your product listings to life online.

The use of mobile-based augmented reality has significantly increased in the past few years, with 3D and AR mobile games and Instagram and Snapchat filters.

The thing with these examples is that users have to download an app to enjoy the benefits of 3D images and augmented reality. One of the biggest barriers for the more widespread adoption of augmented reality is the use of separate applications.

If applied to e-commerce, the extra step of downloading an app is not something plenty of customers are willing to take. In the age of one-click shopping, consumers simply don’t want any hassle when buying, much less when browsing.

WebAR solves this problem by hosting your 3D and augmented reality images directly from web browsers.

With a simple scan of a QR code, which every smartphone camera is capable of now, or the generation of a specific link, your customers can immediately see your products in augmented reality. This presents a great marketing opportunity for your online store.

WebAR Marketing

Augmented reality that doesn’t rely on apps to function is increasingly used in the digital world.

According to Grand View Research, Inc. the augmented reality market is currently valued at $17.67 billion and is estimated to record a compound annual growth rate of 43.8% by 2028, with WebAR touted as the main driver of its growth.

This technology has been gaining traction in marketing and advertising. WebAR allows you to create immersive experiences, such as virtual trade shows, product exhibitions, and even store launches.

In a post-pandemic world, the use of this technology is a great way to engage customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience right from the comfort of their own homes.

The Benefits of WebAR for E-Commerce

Capchella WebAR offers online retail business owners comprehensive WebAR e-commerce packages that enable your customers to enjoy augmented reality while browsing through your products. With this capability in your e-commerce website, you can reap the following benefits:

1.     WebAR allows customers to “Try Before You Buy”

One of the biggest problems online retailers face is product returns. When products don’t meet the customers’ expectations, they’re quick to ask for returns or refunds, which cost the retailer. With WebAR, customers can more clearly envision the products they want in their own space. This sets their expectations better and reduces the likelihood of returns.

2.     WebAR can reach a wide audience

These days, everyone owns a smartphone. Even better, these devices have become so powerful and advanced that they can carry various forms of augmented reality, whether it’s app or web-based. This means you can reach almost anyone with a capable smart device when you use WebAR.

3.     WebAR creates dynamic content

Do you want a simple 3D representation that customers can see from all angles or do you want an AR experience that lets customers directly interact with a digital rendering of your product? With WebAR, there are limitless possibilities to what you can do with your products and how you want to present them.

4.     WebAR facilitates brand recognition

Apart from the endless possibilities WebAR presents for marketing, you can also use it to create awareness about your brand.

A perfect example of this is the liquor brand Bon V!V, which used WebAR to allow passers-by in select California cities to watch an AR vending machine dispensing one of the brand’s beverages in the viewer’s chosen flavour. This strategy created a buzz for the brand.

5.     WebAR enhances customer experience

All the examples above show how WebAR enhances customers’ online shopping experience. From letting them “try” and inspect products to enjoying fun brand awareness campaigns, the use of WebAR can only lead to a positive experience for customers.

Capchella WebAR E-Commerce Packages

Capchella WebAR is your partner in delivering immersive augmented reality experiences for consumers right from your e-commerce website.

Whatever asset you have, we can render in 3D and turn them into accurate and quality augmented reality models of your products. Based on your existing product assets, we use 3 different processes to convert your products into WebAR models.

WebAR Model from a 3D Model

The easiest and fastest route to creating WebAR models is if you already have 3D models of your products. You may already be showcasing your products with 3D images but haven’t made the jump to augmented reality yet.

But with these assets already available, we can easily convert them into augmented reality models and connect them to your e-commerce store.

WebAR Model from Product Scan

If you don’t have 3D models yet, we can scan your products and render them in 3D. For this, we use a laser scanner to capture every surface of a product and generate highly accurate point clouds.

These point clouds of data are then merged into one 3D representation of the object and perfected, resulting into a 3D model ready to be embedded into your product listing. Each 3D representation is converted into augmented reality models that consumers can view from your e-commerce store.

WebAR Model from a Design Sketch

If you don’t have actual products to scan, whether because they’re still a concept or they’re manufactured per order, you can give us a 2D sketch of your products and we can turn them into 3D models.

Frequently Asked Questions About WebAR for E-Commerce

How will WebAR benefit my business?

WebAR is a tool that will future-proof your business. Industry statistics show plenty of consumers prefer 3D representations and augmented reality models of products they’re buying online instead of 2D images and plain text descriptions. They’re willing to pay more for them and become loyal to stores that offer them.

With WebAR, you can stay ahead of the trends and your competition by offering what many of them haven't yet. This way, you get customers who prefer to shop with augmented reality.

Is there really no need for a separate app?

Yes, there’s absolutely no need for a separate app to give your e-commerce store augmented reality capabilities.

It can be difficult and costly to create and maintain an app on top of creating and maintaining dozens or hundreds of augmented reality models of your products. So, we ensure that your site’s augmented reality capabilities are accessible through different web browsers.

How will customers view my products’ augmented reality model?

With a smart device and internet connection, your customers can access augmented reality models of your products.

Though a short url or a QR code, they can quickly navigate the page where the augmented reality model of the product exists. You can either present the QR code, the link, or both to give your website visitors the options most convenient for them.

Are there limitations to WebAR’s capacity?

While 3D and augmented reality are technologies that have existed for decades, WebAR (and even app-based AR) is still in its early stages of development.

One of the limitations of WebAR is the capacity of web browsers. This depends on your potential customer’s device and its operating system. If the web browser doesn’t have a large memory capacity, it might affect the visuals of the model, as well as how smooth the augmentation of the mode is.

Fortunately, most smart devices nowadays have adequate memory and storage capacities, so it won’t be a problem for a lot of users.

How much will the creation of augmented reality models cost?

Capchella WebAR uses three different approaches to the creation of augmented reality models, so that is one factor that affects the price. The number of products being converted into AR models and the complexity of those designs are also factors. Talk to us today so we can discuss pricing with you.


Get Ahead of the Future of E-Commerce with WebAR

Augmented reality is one of the most powerful tools for e-commerce retailers with a vision for their future. Implemented correctly, this technology creates immersive shopping experiences for consumers unlike any they’ve experienced before.

With an array of benefits for both consumers and retailers, it’s a technology that many e-commerce business owners will start offering soon. Don’t let yours get left behind.

Capchella’s WebAR e-commerce offers and packages can help you get ahead of the competition. Take the first step into a technologically-advanced e-commerce future and get in touch with us today.


We are incredibly pleased by the service offered by Capchella. We’ve recently been searching for some way of showcasing our products to customers in a safe, secure way during the pandemic. The professionalism and attention to detail of the team is second-to-none and we’re excited to see what more is in store from working with them.


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