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Augmented Reality for E-commerce Products

What is Capchella WebAR?

The e-commerce landscape is rapidly changing. From app-based transactions on social media to machine learning, these things were e-commerce developments in the past few years that have caught on and improved how people shop online.

But the e-commerce industry is filled with competition. And to stay ahead of them, you also have to stay ahead of the trends.

Capchella WebAR is here to introduce you to the future of online shopping—augmented reality.

Capchella WebAR is a multimedia design agency that specializes in creating augmented reality for e-commerce products. With this technology, you can revolutionize the way people shop online.

Instead of 2D images and measurement descriptions, your products can turn into 3D representations that customers can easily envision in their own space.

It’s easy to integrate with your e-commerce website and easier to use for your customers. They can use it right from their smart device’s web browser. There’s no need for a separate app, which only costs you and adds another burdensome step to your customers’ buying journey.

The future of online shopping is in 3D augmented reality, so don’t let your business get left behind in the past. Let Capchella WebAR elevate your e-commerce business.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is a type of immersive technology that overlays digital life-like images over real-life environments. The technology has been around since the mid-20th century, but developing and using it were costly endeavours.

Today, the rapid adoption of smart devices and the internet has made augmented reality more accessible. It is most evident in gaming and social media apps like Pokémon GO and Instagram, which augments characters for you to catch and creates camera filters moulded to your face shape, respectively.

More than a tool for enhancing people’s gaming experience, though, augmented reality plays a significant role in various industries. Some of this technology’s most important applications include:

●      Medical Training

●      Architecture and Design

●      Weather Broadcasting

●      Military Training and Operation

Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

With practical applications in various industries, it’s not a stretch for e-commerce to make use of augmented reality as well.

Most people’s online shopping experience today involves browsing a shop’s catalogue, reading each item’s description, and trying to imagine if it will fit their use. This process can be a struggle because nothing beats seeing the actual product in its final space.

Augmented reality fixes this problem by rendering retailers’ products into 3D images that consumers can see augmented in their real living space. So, if they want to buy a couch, they can clearly see how it would look in their living room, thanks to augmented reality.

This results in enhanced shopping experience. According to a 2016 study about the impact of augmented reality in retail:

●      61% of consumers prefer to shop at stores that offer augmented reality

●      40% of consumers would pay more for items if a store is equipped with augmented reality

●      70% of consumers are expected to be more loyal to brands that use augmented reality

Benefits of Augmented Reality for E-Commerce Retailers

1.     It allows customers to preview items they want to buy

One of the best features of augmented reality is allowing consumers the “Try Before You Buy” experience. While they don’t get to physically “try” items, augmented reality helps them visualize the placement of what they’re buying and adjust their choices accordingly.

If you’re a furniture or appliance manufacturer, for example, a customer can test where to put them based on a 3D rendering augmented on your space through your mobile device’s camera. If you sell makeup of jewellery, consumers can see themselves wearing it before deciding to buy it.

2.     It reduces returns

Customers often return items when they aren’t satisfied with their purchase. The dissatisfaction may stem from the item not being how they imagined it would be. But with augmented reality allowing them to see true-to-life item placement, they’re more likely to be secure with their purchase.

3.     It personalizes a consumer’s shopping experience

Online shopping often feels impersonal compared to buying in-store where you have clerks helping you find what you need. But with augmented reality, online shopping can feel more personalized.

The technology gives consumers control over digital renderings of items in their own space. They can change sizes, colours, and other features, which allow them to feel more connected to your products.

4.     It engages customers and increases their satisfaction

People are always eager to try new things and to be one of the first to say “I’ve done that.” Adopting augmented reality means you can be one of the first businesses in your industry to offer this experience for your customers.

As a result, customers are more likely to engage with your brand. And when they experience the usefulness of augmented reality when shopping online, their satisfaction with your brand increases. This results in more benefits, such as brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Why Choose Capchella WebAR

Capchella WebAR is one of the leading providers of augmented reality for retailers online. And with the way consumers’ expectations have changed when it comes to their online shopping experience, augmented reality can be the tool to bring you to the forefront of their minds.


Our team follows a seamless process of rendering your products for augmented reality use.



The augmented reality technology we provide is easy to integrate with your website.


The Capchella WebAR team is composed of highly experienced individuals creating flawless augmented reality for e-commerce products and more.

No App Required

Consumers can view your products in augmented reality right from their device’s mobile browser instead of a separate application that will cost you money to build and maintain.

Augmented Reality E-Commerce Website Maintenance

Capchella WebAR prides itself on providing a simple and easy-to-integrate augmented reality capability for e-commerce websites. But augmented reality is indeed sophisticated technology, so we provide website maintenance and support.

Our augmented reality e-commerce website support services include:

●      Updates to products’ 3D image rendering

If you start to offer certain products in new colours, makes, or sizes, you can have the latest version reflected in your website with our tech team’s update support.

●      Bugs and broken scripts support

Bugs and broken scripts can diminish the quality of how products appear in customers’ mobile devices so we make sure there aren’t any.

●      Backup and disaster recovery

Our team can keep records of assets, graphics, and other elements of your e-commerce website for disaster recovery in case of emergencies.

●      Telephone and email support

If you’re experiencing any problems with how your website’s AR is functioning, our team is one call or email away.


We are incredibly pleased by the service offered by Capchella. We’ve recently been searching for some way of showcasing our products to customers in a safe, secure way during the pandemic. The professionalism and attention to detail of the team is second-to-none and we’re excited to see what more is in store from working with them.


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