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COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the business landscape.

Brick and mortar stores will never be the same and e-commerce websites are only growing in numbers. Business owners learned that they can do as well with an online marketplace as a physical location, especially with consumers looking not just for safety but also convenience.

Still, this sudden pivot to e-commerce is not without its problems.

One of the biggest challenges is presenting products to consumers beyond 2D images and videos. Since store opening parties and product launch events are pretty much a thing of the past, online retailers must think of a way to showcase their goods in a way that’s accessible to their target audience.

The answer to this is a digital showroom.

Capchella WebAR is a multimedia design agency specializing in creating augmented reality product models for e-commerce retailers.

With augmented reality, creating digital showrooms goes beyond well-produced videos. It can become the most immersive experience for your audience, accessible right from their mobile devices. Capchella WebAR is your partner in creating these events that revolutionize the way people shop and interact with brands.

Augmented reality is the future of e-commerce, so don’t let your business fall behind. Let us help you move your business to the forefront of this technological advancement. Work with Capchella WebAR for your digital showrooms today.

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Digital Showrooms Are the New Normal

With plenty of “new normal” to get used to in a post-pandemic world, business owners who want to stay afloat must use all available resources to deliver excellent service to consumers. One of these resources is technology in the form of 3D and augmented reality.

With these, you can create highly immersive digital showrooms that engage your audience in the most unique of ways.

Why Digital Showrooms Are a Must

No matter the industry or the platform, consumers want a personalized and curated shopping experience. Digital showrooms make these possible.

Showrooms are spaces meant for the display of a brand’s products, somewhere customers can interact with, try on, or test said products with the understanding that they will be purchased later instead of onsite and on the day.

Pre-pandemic, these showrooms were becoming important for plenty of brands across industries, be it automotive, furniture, or clothing brands. This is due to the fact that, though people search and shop online, 55% of consumers still visit physical stores before purchasing online.

Digital showrooms are an iteration of physical showrooms more fitting for forward-looking brands. These innovations bypass geographic restrictions, helping you create a personalized experience for your audience and bring your brand closer to them.

Augmented Reality for Digital Showrooms

The secret ingredient to a great digital showroom is quality augmented reality. Whatever your products are, if they’re rendered in flawless augmented reality, you can give your audience an immersive digital showroom experience.

A digital showroom powered by quality augmented reality enables your audience to view products from all angles, see them up close, and even “test” how these products would look on them or function in their spaces.

All of these are presented in a full scale digital showroom accessible through your audience’s phone or computer—no apps or software needed— right from the comfort of their own home.

The Benefits of a Digital Showroom for E-Commerce Brands

If you have a retail website but no digital showrooms, now is the time to change the latter. Your digital showroom not only reinforces the strength of your catalogue, it also offers the following benefits:

●      Provide a unique shopping experience

Customers like all things personalized. Personalization makes it apparent that you care about them as individuals not as mere sources of sales. With a digital showroom, you can provide this unique and personalized experience through augmented reality.

You can have virtual sales assistants or incorporate interactive features in your digital showroom that allow visitors to interact with your products at their own pace.

●      Bring your brand closer to your audience

If well-executed, your digital showroom’s visitors are likely to share their experience with friends and on social media. This generates buzz and makes potential customers more aware of your brand.

Apart from this, a digital showroom ensures your target audience are aware of the products you’re offering. As a feature in the showroom, virtual reality models of these products will be placed in your customers’ radar.

●      Make your products accessible across different boundaries

Consumers often return items that are not to their satisfaction, which happens because they cannot inspect the item itself due to their geographic location. This makes location one of the greatest barriers between your business and your target audience.

With digital showrooms, you have the chance to take your store right into your customers’ spaces. This erases physical boundaries, as well as technical ones, since digital showrooms with augmented reality can be accessed from different devices.

●      Showcase your product extensively

With a regular e-commerce website, your customers only have photos and text to rely on when it comes to details about the products they want to buy. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, you also have a video of real people wearing or using your products.

With digital showrooms, you can showcase your products properly and in a way that lets your customers “try” them, which is beneficial to both parties.

Why Choose Capchella WebAR

Capchella WebAR is the digital showroom developer you need for your e-commerce business. As a multimedia design agency specializing in creating augmented reality for online retailers, we develop high quality digital showrooms that present your brand in the best light and give your customers a one-of-a-kind browsing and shopping experience.

With Capchella WebAR digital showroom developer, you get:

●      A dedicated team of highly qualified 3D and augmented reality technology professionals working on creating your digital showroom

●      A fully functional and interactive digital showroom that showcases your products perfectly

●      A custom-designed digital showroom with 360° 3D landscape

●      3D and augmented reality models of your products rendered in high definition

Engage your customers, widen your online reach, and build brand loyalty with digital showrooms built by Capchella WebAR.


We are incredibly pleased by the service offered by Capchella. We’ve recently been searching for some way of showcasing our products to customers in a safe, secure way during the pandemic. The professionalism and attention to detail of the team is second-to-none and we’re excited to see what more is in store from working with them.


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