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3D Product Ecommerce Consultation

What is Capchella WebAR?

Consumer expectations evolve as fast as technologies develop to improve the way you do business. One of the biggest examples of the correlation between the two is the use of 3D product representations in e-commerce. With this function, you can give a better online shopping experience for your customers.

Capchella WebAR is a UK-based multimedia design agency that specializes in rendering e-commerce retailers’ products into 3D images. With this feature for your e-commerce website, you not only get ahead of the competition, but you also enhance customer satisfaction.

Instead of 2D images and text descriptions, your products can turn into 3D representations that let customers envision them more clearly. This also allows them to inspect all physical aspects of your product instead of only seeing them from one angle.

The best thing about 3D product representation for e-commerce businesses is that it’s easy to integrate with your website.

As soon as we have rendered your products into 3D visuals, we can simply embed them onto individual product galleries. This gives your visitors a direct option to view your products in typical 2D or in more advanced 3D.

With 3D product representation more accessible than ever, there’s no question that it will be the future of e-commerce. Don’t let your business get left behind in the past. Let Capchella WebAR carry your business forward.

3D Product Representation: The Future of E-Commerce

The Beginning of 3D

3D technology has been used since the 1930s, with photographers “creating” a third dimension by taking images from two different perspectives. A special eyewear is then created to combine these perspectives and create the illusion of depth from 2D pictures.

Today, hours-long movies in 3D are the norm. And the technology is not even confined to theatres; appliance manufacturers also created 3D television sets that let people enjoy 3D movies from the comfort of their own home.

More than that, though, 3D doesn’t just mean wearing funky eyewear today. It’s also creating the illusion of depth when looking at images from 2D screens, like that of a mobile phone or computer. One of its best uses is in showcasing different products for consumers’ inspection.

3D in E-Commerce

Imagine if you could inspect a pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing but haven’t bought yet because you don’t know if it will actually fit your style. If you can see it from all angles with a 3D representation, you can inspect the shoe from toe to sole and decide more firmly if it’s something you want.

According to an Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, 42% of mobile users are more likely to purchase a product if they can view it at a 360° spin. American hardware store Home Depot also reported a 35% decrease in product returns after enhancing their online product listings with 3D product photography.

These statistics show that photorealistic representations improve visuals, help customers, and drive sales in return.

How 3D Imaging Works

There are plenty of services that create 3D product visualization. At Capchella, we try various approaches to 3D imaging depending on the assets available from the client.

If you have sketches of your product’s design, we can use it to build a 3D model. We can also use your actual product and scan it in 3D. Once the image has been polished, it can be added to your product listing for your customers’ browsing pleasure.

3D Industry and the Vision of the Future

It’s safe to say that when it comes to entertainment, 3D is not going anywhere.

With a rise in demand for quality animations in the gaming industry, as well as an ever-increasing adoption of new visual effect technologies in movies, 3D animation will be the tool media developers use to provide customers with the best visual experience.

Apart from the gaming and entertainment industries, 3D is also tightening its hold in industries such as architecture, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Presenting projects through CAD/CAM is the norm for architects nowadays. The conceptualization of a new product for manufacturing is better seen with 3D image renderings. And dental clinics scan patients’ teeth and gums in 3D to create custom solutions like invisible aligners and dental bridges.

Wherever you look, 3D technology has contributed something to it in one way or another. From education to space travel, 3D technology has been a vital part in advancements in their field. And with constant developments in technology, the 3D industry is growing exponentially and set to continue doing that for years to come.

Plus, with plenty of practical applications and untapped potential, the billion dollar industry of 3D modelling still has a long and bright future.

Are 3D Models for E-Commerce Here to Stay?

With 3D product renderings presenting plenty of benefits, 3D models for e-commerce applications, along with augmented reality, are no doubt here to stay.

3D product representations and the entire scope of 3D technology offer too many benefits for e-commerce retailers to discard them. With the main benefit being enhanced customer experience, it’s a kind of technology that will keep on giving.

Why Use 3D Images in E-Commerce?

3D is the Future

E-commerce retailers that are still not using 3D images to create a better shopping experience for their customers risk getting behind in the past. While 2D images, videos, and text descriptions are still working for consumers today, statistics show that they’re also more inclined to do business with 3D-enabled companies.

If you want your business to succeed, you don’t want to be catching up—you want to be the frontrunner. So don’t wait until everyone has 3D product representations before you try it for your own business.

3D Provides Growth Opportunities

Once you graduate from using boring 2D images or creating costly video ads and transition to using 3D images, you’re opening your e-commerce business up to infinite growth opportunities.

Remember: 3D technology itself is still evolving. As it becomes even more accessible and as advancements give it more capabilities, so too could your e-commerce website adjust and offer better 3D imaging capabilities.

The Benefits of 3D Product Photography for Your E-Commerce Business

1.     It allows you to present your products in an exciting way

Instead of boring 2D images or text descriptions of your products, you can instead present them as a 3D image.

With 3D product representation, customers can rotate a high resolution image of your product at 360° so they can see and inspect it from every angle. This allows online customers to engage with your products in a way they couldn’t have before.

2.     It engages customers and encourages social sharing

Despite 3D images and product representation not being new developments, not a lot of retailers have incorporated it in their e-commerce websites.

As such, it will be a fairly unique experience for your customers if you pioneer using 3D product photography in your industry. Apart from encouraging customers to engage, this experience will also be positive for them, prompting them to talk about it on social media.

3.     It decreases product returns

With 3D imaging allowing customers to see products from all angles, they can inspect it and have a fuller picture of how a product looks.

Compared to 2D pictures and text descriptions, 3D product photography allows customers to better visualize your products. As a result, they know what they’re getting if they decide to buy it, which lowers unmet expectations that lead them to return products.

4.     It is cost-efficient and yields considerable ROI

3D product photography or animation is, at its core, a simple and straightforward means to showcase your products. But because it’s also more sophisticated than your regular 2D images, they’re great for use in advertisement.

In addition, the resulting enhanced customer experience leads to increased customer satisfaction, which in itself leads to better sales. So with decreased advertising cost and great sales, your investment in 3D product renderings is likely to earn a significant return.

To get these benefits, contact Capchella WebAR today. Our team can provide a quote for 3D models of your e-commerce products.


We are incredibly pleased by the service offered by Capchella. We’ve recently been searching for some way of showcasing our products to customers in a safe, secure way during the pandemic. The professionalism and attention to detail of the team is second-to-none and we’re excited to see what more is in store from working with them.


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